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I needed a Promise Keeper

Hey Daughters/Sons of the King,

On Saturday I released a video about the 10 reasons why God is the ultimate, most amazing Girl Dad. Many of you know my story about how I grew up without a stable father figure. I was raised without a father and my mother carried the load of both mother and father. First of all, salute her!! But I know personally that although I grew up without a strong male presence my mother raised me with the help and strong arm of the Lord.

Although my natural father was absent God was and always has been fully present, fully committed and fully attentive to me. Through the years of growing up in church, I did not learn much about God as a loving Father. I knew he was God, I knew he would send people to hell, I knew I better had live right than to be eternally separated, I knew God saw me and I could get in trouble, I knew all about God's punishment which placed a great fear in my heart. Not the feat he wants us to have with him, the fear that produced guilt when I made a mistake. No where was it said how love God was, how he was a loving father, how his grace was sufficient. How his love was everlasting and unlimited and how his love was available to me without measure, without rebuke, without discrimination. No one told me God loved me in my imperfections.

With all that I have learned about God for myself, I learned that God is forgiving, he is merciful, he is abounding in love, he cares for and so much more. However, of all that I learned the one thing that makes me fall in love with God daily is the fact that he is a PROMISE KEEPER.

Have you personally had people make promises to you and they did not keep their word? Have you had someone say they would do something and their neglect caused undue burdens and stress on you? Have you had someone you believed in, let you down? Has someone ever told you they loved you and left you? If you answered yes, it is a relief to know that God is not like man.

When he makes a promise he is sure to keep it. His promises are not contingent. His promises being kept is not based on what you do. His promises were made long before you decided to follow him. His promises were made before you lived one day so the release of his promises are manifested at an appointed time. I am thankful to know that God is a God that keeps his word. He said heaven and earth would pass away but my word shall stand forever. The sky and earth won't last forever but my word will (Matthew 24:35). His word is sure, his word is his bond. We put more weight on the words of limited mortal men than on the word of God. Is he a God that lies? Is he a man that he needs to repent? If he said it, will he not do it? If he spoke will he not bring it to pass and make it good? (Numbers 3:19).

Of all things I needed from a man and a father, I needed a promise keeper. I needed to know that there was someone I could depend on. I needed someone who was sure about me. I needed to know someone could handle me even at my worst. When God says, I will never leave you or forsake you, why do we feel like when we are at our worst, he disappears. When God releases a word, it not broken by circumstances and situations. He is a promise keeper. He kept the covenant with a rebellious people because he made a covenant with their fathers! He is a promise keeper. There is no promise he makes that he does not keep or intend to keep! God never says anything out of his mouth that does not manifest therefore he doesn't have a waste for words. Every word released, manifests and produces. Every word of his carries life, his words are alive and active (Hebrews 4:12). Look at his word and promises through a new lens right now.

I challenge you to look in the word of God and find a scripture for what you need. I challenge you to believe God. I challenge you to take that scripture to heart. I challenge you to stand on that scripture until you see the manifestation.

I challenge you to believe God again. I dare you to believe his promises and always remember he keeps his promises to you.

Watch the newest Youtube video by clicking the picture below.

Your Sister in Faith,

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour


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