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Meet Te'Aire

Frustrated with the current dating scene, The HealHer Relationship Coach, Te’Aire Griffin brings a fresh way of dating that is raw and uncut. For almost a decade, women in one sided situationships have identified themselves as the problem and kissed dead-end dating goodbye as a result of working with Te’Aire.


“The women that I work with don’t know that her childhood trauma affects her love life. So, I help her to heal PAST trauma so she can get PASS trauma”, says Te’Aire. She has spoken and coached hundreds of women through her live events, youtube channel and her debut book “Tears of an Orphan Heart | Heal the father wound and Embrace God as Abba. Te’Aire is the creator of the eight week coaching program Hey, HealHer– From Daddy Issues to Dating Differently and she is passionate about working closely with those who enroll in her coaching program.

Women who come through the HealHer coaching program learn to heal the little girl within because until the little girl is healed the women in her will keep looking for romantic relationships to fix what her parents broke.

For your upcoming faith-based women’s events, single’s conferences and podcast contact the HealHer Relationship Coach, Te’Aire Griffin. To learn more about Te’Aire’s, visit


Our mission is to help single fatherless women between the ages of 18 - 35 heal their father wound and be free from rejection, abandonment and attention seeking due to Fatherlessness. To help her recognize her need for a father and respond to Abba Father's reckless pursuit of her which holds the plan to heal the little girl within so she can fully mature in wholeness and walk boldly and fiercely into her God given purpose. Helping women all over the world secure their heart and their bag; and prepare for the love she desires and deserves from herself first and then with others. Heal women so they can be whole women.

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