Meet Te'Aire

Te'Aire Griffin, your Healher Relationship Coach, is a Charleston, SC native born Life Coach, Empowerment Speaker, Author, Social Media Influencer, YouTuber and Kingdom Millennial Activator.  As a Healher Relationship Coach, Te'Aire helps you create Secure Relationship Attachments.

She's been called to minister to a broken and fatherless millennial generation who have been hurt, abandoned and neglected by their biological fathers or father figures which lead to the loss of identity, purpose and self worth which shows up in multiple areas of life when dormant wounds are triggered. Te'Aire has surrendered herself to be God's vessel in the earth through the ministry of reconciliation. She implores those that she encounters to be reconciled to God first and foresemost, which is the first step in healing, the all pervasive father wound. Te'Aire's passion is to help young women thrive in wholeness, boldness and fullness.

Te'Aire uses her platform to help women heal PAST trauma so they get PASS trauma and thrive as the women God created them to be. When she speaks, she brings awareness to the emotional dis-ease and prison that keeps our heart in maximum security never allowing us to access our maximum potential. She speaks heavily on her relationship with God and the benefits of being a daughter of the Most High. She helps women identify how not forming healthy relationship with their parents jacks up every other relationship in their life from our relationship with God to dating. She helps women secure themselves and prepare for the love they desire and deserve. She is here to help you overcome the negative effects of fatherlessness so you can fully mature and fiercely walk in purpose and know who you are which makes all the difference.

God gave her the vision to help women respond to God's invitation to be their father and heal from the damage of the emotional wound through the years. God wants us to experience peace, to finally breathe, become the best version of ourselves and receive love. Her platform is based on unlimited transparency to lead them along the escape route out of bondage to life's total fulfillment and back to the heart of the Father.  After looking for love in all the wrong places, she has restored her love back unto her natural father and Heavenly Father and she wants to help you do the same.  


Our mission is to help single fatherless women between the ages of 18 - 35 heal their father wound and be free from rejection, abandonment and attention seeking due to Fatherlessness. To help her recognize her need for a father and respond to Abba Father's reckless pursuit of her which holds the plan to heal the little girl within so she can fully mature in wholeness and walk boldly and fiercely into her God given purpose. Helping women all over the world secure their heart and their bag; and prepare for the love she desires and deserves from herself first and then with others. Heal women so they can be whole women.

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