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Whey da Liquor at?

Change of APPETITE: Lifestyle Change

I was at Lil Ceasar’s and out of the corner of my eye I saw a man walking out of the liquor store with a brown paper bag. As I watched him walk to his car that moment brought back a memory of my past drinking experiences. I said aloud THANK YOU LORD FOR CHANGING MY APPETITE! I was considered the "lightweight" among my friends because I was never really a big drinker; I drank what was available at my friends’ homes or at the bar/club. Trust me; I used to get turnt hunni! But one day I felt something shift within me. It wasn’t until after one of my drinking escapades I realized I felt empty. What once felt so good started to feel so wrong. At that point I realized something was changing.

Not only did my drinking preference change but my appetite for certain men changed. I had a fetish for dark, tall men with dreads and about that hood life; thank you Jesus for deliverance. I no longer enjoyed being around certain friends, getting high or drunk, nor did I want to go to the club on any occasion.

The change didn’t happen overnight. In fact I didn’t even notice my appetite or internal change; my desire now was only to please God. I began to live my life according to the word of God and as a result I began making better decisions. At first I didn’t understand why I didn’t enjoy going out anymore but today I know it was the Holy Spirit convicting me. I didn’t just stop liking something one day. As I began spending more and more time with God I became uncomfortable with where I was; I started to feel as though I was disappointing God because if anything - I knew better.

In changing your life, your environment and your connections must change. In God's system, when you begin to remove the things that does not please him, God will provide better replacements such as himself and his righteousness.

In changing your life for the better, you must first realize that there is an issue. Once the issue is identified, it must be addressed. You cannot change your life by yourself, you must bring your issue to God and let him know that this “thing” is keeping you from him, this “thing” is causing you to stumble, “this thing” is causing you not to live your best life possible and let him know you need his help. Not only can that thing cause a lot of problems in your life but the lives that come after you, as well. Did you know the decisions you make today effect your tomorrow and the tomorrow of the generations after you? (Keep that in mind)

For those of you that are saying I like what I am doing, so you feel you cannot relate. Well, once you start living according to Romans 12:2 (“Be not conformed to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”) and you are saved, the word will begin to cleanse your mental state. Once you begin reading the word more and more, the word is going to restructure your mindset and provoke new thoughts and conviction will start settling in. This is the point where appetite changes begin (substance induced behavioral changes).

When God does the Cleaning

What God will do is clean out the contaminates and the residue of that old life. When God cleans, he cleans fully. He covers your sin with his love and makes you white as snow. All of your past sins he throws into the sea of forgetfulness, never to be remembered again. Trust me, you won’t look like what you came from because there won’t be any evidence you were ever there. So when God delivers you, he delivers you entirely and he fills you up. It will be impossible to go back because in the process he has developed your love for him and when you love him, you keep his commandments. Spiritually speaking, we have to get to a place in God where our appetite for the things that God hates becomes what we hate and what God loves we love.

In this process, do not become discouraged. When you feel you want to go back just know you are on the edge of your breakthrough, so keep pushing!

If you have read up until this point and much of what I said resonated with you, I would like to go a little deeper. I want to give you, yes you 5 action steps to begin changing your lifestyle appetite and a special prayer. Proceed to the next entry.

Much Love

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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