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Girl, Do You Know the Power of Being YOU

Hey Daughters,

I recorded and uploaded a new video on Youtube on Saturday. Have you seen it yet? For a lack of better questions are you subscribed to my Youtube Family. I believe my Youtube Family is such a blessing for those who need teachings about God, the word of God, spending time with God and more on a millennial and practical level. The Youtube Family is a safe place where I record videos that answer the burning questions of your heart. I also help to make the word of God come alive to you with revelation and wisdom that only comes from God. Not only is the Youtube Family full of spiritual videos but also my shenanigans. My friends seem to think that I am super funny and I have to concur. I will also upload videos of me with my hair down, in my element and showing you life with me. I would really love for you to be apart of that community. (Click Video below)

I would also like to share with you something that is fully expressed in the newest video of “Let Me Re-Introduce Myself”. I impress upon the community the power of being YOURSELF. I feel that is something heavy that plagues our generation. We have a complete lost of self. Many of us are too busy chasing the Joneses, comparing ourselves to what we have and who we are, based on others through what was intended to be good but the enemy perverted it to use against us, Social Media. I know many of you have fought to be YOU. Some of you may even be afraid to be you because for so long people criticized you. Even from childhood many of you were told to be quiet and you could not fully express yourself. Opinions and lack of understanding labeled you as disrespectful. The clothes you liked were bullied off your back and your style became being accepted. The way you talked, the way you dreamed, the way you saw life were all crushed between childhood and now. I know you have fought the real you. How do I know? Because I fought me too.

Every situation that arose to help lead me into the one God created, I ran from. I was not ready to face my doppelganger. I was afraid because what if she is not liked. I had enough people leave me and I couldn’t take anymore. What if the Me I ran from would be rejected? I couldn’t come back from that… I was not ready to face the girl that God created because the girl that was crafted by society took over my life and kept her away from me. There is a YOU deep down inside that is ready to come out. She has been buried all these years and she wants to break ground and reveal herself to the world. There is a YOU that is ready to be embraced by those who are waiting for her to emerge. Let her live. Let her be great. Let her blossom.

The reason things may not be working in your life is because they are attracted to the faux you. We attract wrong relationships, wrong career paths, wrong friends, wrong wrong wrong because we are doing what everyone else wants us to do. We are attracting what’s not ours because we are not being US. I am me. I love the ME God created. She is fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are the work of God’s hand that my soul knows well (Psalm 139:14). Stop fighting her. Once you stop fighting her frustration goes away and peace takes over.

I heard it said the other day, if something seems too hard, either you have the wrong tool or you are using the right tool the wrong way (author unknown). I would like to apply it like this, if life seems to hard, maybe you are not the you that the world is waiting for or you are the you but you allow others to use you in the wrong way, the wrong fields, the wrong industries, the wrong relationships. Therefore, you stay in places longer than you should because familiar feels better than growth.

I encourage you to find you and then be YOU. There is no one more valuable than the YOU that God created. The original is always worth more than the copy. Ask God to teach you how to be the best you. Ask God to water the YOU that is buried. Not everything that is buried is dead, some things buried are seeds. And before a seed can live it must die, then life comes from within. What must die? The societal modified you. The YOU the world molded and fashioned. We are at the top of the year and if you do nothing else this year but discovered YOU, that is a victory.

Once you discover you, you have found God, you can discover purpose. You will be able to know and confidently discern what is for you and what is not. You will know what to accept and what not to accept. You will know what to fight for and what to give up on. You will know true love. You will never settle. You will begin to go after everything that has your name on it with courage and determination. When you discover you, things will get done. You will get to the top of your game. Your life will finally look like all your dreams you deemed impossible. I am not saying that you will not experience bad days, I am saying that when you know who you are, bad things, bad days, disappointments and fears no longer have the power to determine who you are. You begin to realize that everything has its purpose and most things are only a moment in time and they were never supposed to bury you and cause you to feel like death was better than life. The world is waiting for you to emerge. RISE DAUGHTER. LIVE DAUGHTER. All of creation is waiting with eager anticipation for the daughter of God to be revealed (Romans 8:19).

Your Sister in Life,

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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