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Blogmas 21 | You Belong in the Family

This year I finally knew I belonged. However, not because people made me feel accepted. Not because family or relationships or friendships validated me. I belong because of who I am and who fully accepts me. The one who accepts me calls me his own no matter what mistake I make. He does not only fully accept me but he accepts you, flaws, mistakes and in all things. What does ALL mean? ALL means ALL. All is all things included and covered.

Allow me to paint this picture for you biblically. Ephesians 3:18 states, may have power, together with all the Lord's holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. The width, the length, the height and the depth of his love. We will spend eternity simply trying to understand, receive and live in so great of a love. The Love of God has dimensions and his dimensions super exceed what we are able to comprehend. The Lord told me, “my love covers all. It covers how deep we will go, it covers the worst that we can do, it covers every sense of pride we may have and it covers the depth of our hearts. The wickedness, the impurity, the deep secrets and the generational iniquities. His love covers and nothing can separate us from his love. What you believe separates you is your own perspective of his love but there is nothing his love will not cover. You don’t have to run from God or separate yourself because he said nothing would separate you from his Great love (Romans 8:31-39).

There is no mistake so big we can make that will push us from God or cause us to be rejected. If we feel rejected it is because we walked away. This year has taught me how to fully be myself and not be concerned with whether or not people accept me. In many atmospheres I was afraid to be me because what if I am not received or liked. However, this year I got my confidence, boldness and validation restored. Today I am more confident that ever before.

In God, we are already locked in unless we release ourselves. We have the right to fully be who we are. Those we encounter, even family can take it or leave it. If they are willing to leave it, let them go. In 2020, no longer chase after people who feel they can be without you. If they can leave, let them leave. Our identity should not be tied to who decides to leave or stay. We have an identity and our identity is found in Christ and because he never changes, neither do we. You neither I are chameleons. We don’t change because of our environments. We are thermostats not thermometers. We change environments and cultures. We do not have time to fit in because we were called to change things.

We are the change agents of God in the earth. No longer do we have to wear masks because we are to afraid to show others who we are. No longer do we need to hide our likes and dislikes because of fear of not being understood. God wired you the way you are and what he made in you and me is perfect. He stepped back and called us good. Take the mask off. This generation is plagued with identity issues, suicidal thoughts and its because of fear of not be received. I want you to say this, I am who I am, God made me perfectly. My mantra for 2019 was I am unapologetically me. I decided in 2019 I would live without apology. I am me and I do not make any apology for who I am. If I like it, I like it and if I don’t I don’t. I committed to 2019 being the year of not being silent and dying while I allowed everyone else to live in their truth. The same mindset will be following me into 2020 because this has been so freeing.

Do not make apologies for your mistakes that you are so afraid to make. You are human, you will make mistakes, all I ask is that you learn from them. Accept the fact that you do not know everything and not knowing everything is okay. In 2019 I made a decision to remove the mask. It is not appropriate to be two faced. One way with this group of friends and someone different around others. That is not authentic neither is that being unapologetically you.

In 2020 we must live in our truths. Our truths are beautiful. Our past is painting our beautiful lives as of today. Until you fully accept you, no one else will. I pray that in 2020 we keep our acceptance rooted in Christ. Being rooted in Christ causes us to be unshaken and immovable. Rooted in Christ is our stability in a world which is in an identity crisis of its own.

Our belonging is not something that can be held over our head, it is not a reward for good behavior. Belonging is not a consequence or repercussion to be controlled by the hands of man. It is his grace and love alone that makes us belong. I learned that when a person is loved correctly, submission and trust will follow. Acceptance is not a pendulum or measure of what I do or who I am. We are accepted because of who we belong to. The bible says we are accepted into the beloved (Ephesians 1:5-7). We are accepted because of the work of Christ. What he did for us is already complete and finished. There are no redos or do-overs thus his work is complete so is your acceptance.

If God fully accepts you, that’s all that matters. God didn’t send Jesus to die for us after we had it all together. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). God has always had us on his mind. He said, before we ever loved him he loved us first (1 John 4:19). We were loved before we lived and we were chosen before we chose him. Our identity and acceptance is established. We belonged since the beginning of time. Our belonging was set before the foundations of the world. Our belonging is not predicated upon what we do but who we are and we belong because we are Daughters.

Daughter of the King,

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon

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