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Blogmas 14 | Does Where You Are Really Matter?

Welcome back to day 14 all! Are you enjoying the blogs so far? So today I am continuing our conversation on my move to Maryland. Listen, I knew my time was up in Charleston. I sensed the expiration in everything around me and in everything I did. The prophet also told me that night that God has a way of moving us even when we do not want to go. Oh boy, was he right. I became so uncomfortable. I felt the weight and anxiety of no forward movement. I had this overwhelming desire for more and I knew it was far reaching where I was. Sometimes we want to force ourselves to grow in places that are no longer suitable.

Before I left, this was told to me. A goldfish only grows to the size of it’s environment. If you put a goldfish in a fishbowl, it will never grow to its fullest capacity. However, if you put a goldfish in a large pond, the goldfish will grow tremendously. Is the reason you are not growing due to the fact that your environment is too small? Therefore, your environment can hinder you. It matters where you are physically and mentally. I could sense the nudging of God but of course there was still fear there. Just because you are afraid does not mean that God has changed his mind. Like Joyce Meyers says, “even if you have to do it afraid, just do it”. There is power in the doing.

I listened to a sermon by Steven Furtick and he said, many times we are waiting to feel peace before we do what God has told us to do. Whereas, there are cases when the peace comes after the obedience. My desire was and is to be in the perfect will of God. My question to God changed from do you want me to leave to when do you want me to leave? I was not moving without him, periodt!

I didn’t want to be outside his timing. Remember my move to Chicago? I did that entirely the wrong way and I did not want that to happen again. But deep down, I knew that was impossible because this time I was doing it with God and I was seeking Him. My move to Chicago was all me and that’s why I got sent home lol

God loves us so much and he will give us exactly what we need to help us trust him even the more. I was listening to the Fire Conference live, hosted by Pastors LaBryant and Phineka Friend in Atlanta, GA. Apostle Stevenson was preaching a fire message about being in the right hands. He later went on to prophesy. He called one young lady up and he said, I see that you have your boxes packed but you are wrestling within. He said you are wondering if you should stay or should you go; the answer is for you to go now. He wasn’t talking to me but he was talking to me. That is the word that I needed because I was wrestling back and forth about should I leave or stay, should I leave now or wait a little while longer. In that moment God was giving me peace that my next move was in agreement with his plan for me and the time was now.

There is another woman at church that I absolutely adore, mama Val. I told her about my plans to leave Charleston, SC. She told me a story about eagles and how God was sending his eagles out into the world and then she said fly eagle fly. I am a cry baby yall, all I know is the tears started to roll down my face and I felt the approval of God. The bible does say, “out of the mouth of two or three witnesses the word is established” (2 Corinthians 13:1). God confirmed and confirmed until I couldn’t deny what was happening next.

If you don’t have any peace internally…pause! The peace of God is not based on your outer experiences and when everything is lined up and going your way. The peace of God is when everything around you maybe in chaos but you have an inner peace, something within you that is fixed and calm despite the storm around you. The peace of God is not external but internal. If you do not have internal peace then stay put until God releases the instructions for next. Do not move in hasty faith. This next season can not be entered into in anxiety or rushed. Whenever you rush anything you run the risk of missing important details or the beauty in what you are passing. This next season is a journey to take with God. Once God confirms what is next, move on it! You will definitely be glad you did and I will tell you tomorrow the results of obedience.

I will say since being here I have grown tremendously. I have grown in my finances, wisdom, in my career, spiritually and in my relationship with God. When I first moved I felt like a "little fish in a big pond" and it was intimidating. But I was encouraged that this was a great place to be because it meant I had plenty room to grow. Don't allow the new to intimidate you and make your run backwards. Keep pressing forward and open yourself up to explore your new pond. There was times I wanted to go back home but Holy Spirit would not let me. I didn't wait to 2020 to make a change and neither do you. My new year new me began July 2019. Moving to Maryland was one of my best decisions yet. I will leave you with this, when you obey, God will open doors for you that you could never open on your own.

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon

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