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Blogmas 12 | Wish You Had The Guts To Up and Move, Well here's the truth

May 2018 I attended a prophetic revival in Moncks Corner, SC. It was a two night prophetic training and teaching and it was bananas. It was so amazing, the second night I invited my mom, aunt, and four friends and they all showed up. The apostle leading the meeting was such a mighty man. His words of knowledge was keen. I mean scary accurate. Let me rephrase because there was nothing scary about this prophetic environment. For a lack of better words, he was so accurate that it left every last one of us completely shocked. He knew birthdays, ages, childhoods, street addresses, neighborhood signs, and names.

Day two, I had all my peeps with me. Midways through the service, the man of God asked me to stand up. I stood up. I wanted him to tell me about somethings I was praying about but this conversation went left field and to me it was totally unexpected. He said, “young lady with the three strand pearl necklace, stand up. Lift your hands”. In obedience I did and my heart was ready to hear whatever God would say next. He told me that the enemy did not have a pen to rewrite my life or a pencil to erase what God had already written. Then he said, you may not want to hear this but you will be moving. Remember I said my heart was open, at this point I was just staring at him. I had so many questions, moving where, when and how. He said, it will be where God says and how he ordains it.

Well alrighty then, moving? My mother had to leave early and right before the word she headed out. But I heard her voice in the back of the church. She was coming back in to bring me something and she heard the word spoken over my life. My mom said I always wanted you to go out and move to another state. It confirmed the desires of my mom’s heart and mine felt a little torn because if you know me, you will know I am such a family person. I love my family, my mother, my grandma, aunty, siblings and niece and nephew; I was not ready to be far away from them. The man of God was right, I was not trying to hear that. However, between that day and July 7, 2019, God did a heart work in me and gave me unexplainable peace.

At the end of last year I had a desire to move. I had accepted the word that I would be moving. The next question was where and when. I prayed about it and I had my destination places in mind. Chicago was the place. Maryland was second on that list, then North Carolina and I even considered Texas. Then months went by, now it was May 5th. The besties and I were coming back from Florida. We started talking about moving and moving forreal. The plan was for us all to leave Charleston, SC together. McCoy would move with me and Sarah was headed to NYC, the big apple. It was settled in my heart. I crossed Texas and NC off my list because I did not know anyone there. Chicago was a must because I wanted to be under the teaching of Apostle Stevenson but I could not find a job and there was nowhere I could stay until I got on my feet. So Chicago was a no go. Then Maryland it is. I started imagining life in Maryland and again my heart was settled. I will share how life was here in Maryland when I got here and the doors God opened up just for me.

We got home and I started packing. I went to Dollar General and I took their packing boxes. If God said I was moving, I wanted to show him that I partnered with his word. I did my part and the rest was up to him. I was sure about what God was saying. I thought I had disobeyed because I took so long to leave but God had it all worked out in heaven. We think that we are in delay but God knows everything and he has already orchestrated our lives so we would be everywhere we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there.

If you feel you want to leave your hometown or where you are, definitely go into prayer about it. Ask God if he wants you to leave and live somewhere else. Ask God if what you are feeling is from him or are you attempting to run away from something. Pray about it until you feel the peace of God to move forward or to stay. I will also share with you tomorrow, how God confirmed that Maryland was the place he wanted me to be. There is no such thing as fear in the Kingdom of God. If you believe God said it, do it, prepare for it. Plan for it. Pack for it. These things are prophetic symbolisms that show God that you are walking in the promise. Faith is the substance of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Do not be afraid about the money and things you feel you need. God always supplies for what he is asking of us. Act on your faith and if you believe it is a word from God, seek him and then move your feet. Be not afraid or dismayed, God is with you wherever you go. And even if you made a mistake or misheard God, there is still grace. You are exactly where God knew you would be. Get connected to his perfect will and constantly surrender to the Spirit of God. Because following the Spirit ensures you will constantly remain in his will.

Faith walker,

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon

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