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Blogmas 11 | Get Out Your Feelings and Get it done!!

Can I be completely honest with you guys? Today is the 10th and I'm writing for day 11, I have been going straight for 10 days with the help of the Holy Ghost but I really do not feel like writing today. The keyword is feel. Half the time I do not feel like doing a lot of things but that doesn’t mean I can just stop because I want too. To share another secret with you guys, even those in ministry do not always feel like leading, ministering, praying or seeking God. But thank you God it is more than a feeling.

The reason they keep pushing is because they made a commitment. I too made a commitment and where I once fell off before, I have to remind myself of what I committed too. The enemy will use our tiredness, frustration and feelings against us but we have to stand strong in the face of what is sent to get us off course. I want to go to bed right now. I had my Chick Fil A, I am stuffed but I am committed. I am committed to finishing what I started. I am committed to Christ as unto obedience because he told me to do blogmas. I am also committed to you.

I learned I must lead by example. Commitment over feelings every day and every moment. If you are at a place in your life and you are wondering if you should quit or keep going, recall why you began. Recall if you made a commitment. If so, you have to see this thing through to the end especially when it glorifies God. Feelings are apart of the journey. They are great indicators but the worst dictators. Feelings alert you but they should not govern you or help you aid in major decisions. Because truth be told you can feel some type of way one day and it is completely different the next.

If I followed my feelings all the time, I definitely would not be where I am today. I can be so moody omg. Can I just be real with yall. I am moody. Let me rephrase, I am challenged in my emotions but I pray daily for them to be stable and regulated. Regulated emotions, stability and a sound mind are apart of the benefits package in Christ. The reason you see me so stable is because the Holy Ghost working in me to daily mold me into the image of Christ. My feelings want its way but there is someone and something greater than my feelings.

You want to know where else I had to check my emotions? I had to definitely check my emotions in my quiet time with God. To be honest, when you start spending time with God, you are not always going to want too. We were born with an innate nature to know our creator but it is against our flesh nature to search him out. Seeking God takes commitment, intentionality, pace and more and all these things are against our cultural norms. We are a convenient, microwave and entitled generation and if it does not come quick, easy and at the least cost, we do not want it or we will find another way.

God had to humble me. There were times I did not and do not feel like getting in his presence. There was also a time when I would get so frustrated trying to have quiet time with God I simply just would not. I was looking for an emotional response. I was looking for these big moves, things I could sense. If I didn’t feel anything, I would determine that that time alone with God was in vain. But then a friend showed me that God is not a feeling. He is a person. Then God started to share with me that he wanted me to get out of my feelings and know the truth. He wanted me to know that although I did not feel him, that does not mean that he was not there. He taught me to keep digging because although it may feel like we are not getting anywhere, that does not mean we are not closer to what we are after.

FOCUS, follow one course until success. Success for me will be getting to day 25 and no gaps. Focus requires intentionality not feelings and to ensure I do what I am supposed to do, I set up boundaries. The #1 boundary is, when I get home I don’t do anything else until I write a blog. It is so important to stick to our boundaries because they help keep us on track toward the goal. They help us to keep pressing toward the mark. I crossed the boundary today by coming home and then leaving out to get Chick Fil A, see you must know your distractions. I stepped across the line and if I followed it through, I would have missed a day. Then I would have felt bad…

I obey despite how I feel. I obey because I am committed to you guys. My feelings are overpowered by my love and my purpose. And after all of that, look I wrote for day 10. Even when we feel we have nothing to give, the pressure is applied and the oil begins to flow. So press pass those feelings. Press pass those urges. Fight the temptations. Don't grow weary and see what is on the other side. I love you guys. Another one for the books. I will chat with you tomorrow.

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon

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