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Blogmas Day 8| 3 Inspirational Books that Will Change your Life Forever

What many of you do not know about me is that I loooooooooove to read books; well maybe you do know this because I am always sharing the books I’ve read. My goal each year is to read one book a month which totals to 12 books a year. Unfortunately, this year I may have read about 6 books and they were all very life provoking.

I believe reading is essential and fundamental. Myles Monroe said it best, what took someone 30 years to learn, you and I can learn in a few days by reading. Talk about redeeming the time. In the palm of our hands we can hold 30 years of life experience that will change our lives forever.

There is so much that I do not know which makes me a life long learner. However, my admission of the things that I do not know does not limit me. I do not accept what I do not know but I allow that to challenge me to seek the answer and I do not just want any answer, I need a God answer. Therefore, I read books that are biblically sound. I am 1000% invested in my life and my future and the resources that I gather come at a small cost, financially and physically. I have learned in order to change my reality, I have to change my mind. Change your mind, change your life.

Wherever your mind goes, your life follows. There is a progression. What we think, we believe. What we believe, we say. What we say, we act on. What we act on, becomes our way of life. If you look around you and you are frustrated with life and you think it will always be like this, then your life will manifest what you believe. If you believe it will always be like this, there will be no action taken to make it better. Our thoughts turn into beliefs and they slowly become strongholds that are hard to break and whenever someone tries to show you something different or better, you cannot accept it because of the mind prison by what you have chosen to believe or accept. When our beliefs are it will always be this way, we begin to speak, agree and confess what our thoughts say. Our thoughts are simply the words of our heart and out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). “It will never get better”. “It is what it is”. “I was dealt a bad hand”. Then because of what you said, you begin to sink into those dark places of hopelessness, attempting to cope with what is before you. Actions of not moving is still an action. The fact is your reality is not your truth. Therefore, in this state, there is no aspiration. Then, those actions become life or reality.

Is this how God wants us to live? We find the answer to that in the word of God and the answer is no. He said in John 10:10 I come to give you life and give it to you more abundantly. One thing about Christians is we are waiting for God to drop our better life off at the door as if he was Amazon, two day shipping. God does not work for Amazon; the bible says whatever we touch will prosper and succeed (Psalm 1:3). We have to partner with God. But to bring this full circle, we must think differently to obtain all that we desire. It is vital to feed yourself things that will make you better and keep you healthy. The same way your physical body has to be healthy so does your mind. I am very careful on what I feed my mind. I am very vigilant to guard my ears, eyes, and mouth. If you feed yourself trash, trash is what will come out of you.

I challenge you to start feeding yourself life. Feed yourself what will produce the greatest things out of you. Start believing what God says and let that be the standard for your life and press to reach it. In order to make reading fun and to be nondistracted, read books that relate to where you are so you can apply the wisdom for the desired results. Also, read books that relate to your purpose and your specific season in life, these books will help you win and advance into the things of God.

Books I highly recommend that will change your life starting today.

1. The Bible

The bible is not a book of stories, the bible is our guide for life and kingdom living. As I read the bible, I read it as a father speaking directly to me. I believe every word in the bible is true and I believe the bible is God’s words to us. It has been said, the bible is the only book we can read that reads us back. It keeps me on point and lets me know what God has in store for us and what are his thoughts. The bible also teaches me about who God is which then gives me my true identity.

2. Carrier of the Glory – Becoming A Friend of the Holy Spirit (David Diga Hernandez)

This book taught me more about the Holy Spirit. It brings to reality that the Holy Spirit is a person and he wants to be our friend. He walks you through having a relationship with the Holy Spirit intimately.

3. Invisible Battlegrounds (Yolanda Stith)

If you feel you are fighting a losing battle in your body, mind and the spiritual realm, this book is for you. This book is directly from the heart of God and it shows God’s desire for us to win every battle and then it goes through the tools we have available within us to win every single time.

Get these books, apply the wisdom and your 2020 will blow your mind. Position yourself and get ready, it requires your cooperation.

Lastly, you want to know what the business rich do? They read and if we are to be rich, rich in finances and mind, we must read. We come from an era where our ancestors were not allowed to read or write. They were not taught to either and if they were found reading, they would be punished. If reading was kept from us, they must have been afraid of our knowledge by controlling what we could know. It is a privilege to read. It was a saying once, “if you want to hide anything from a black person put it in a book”. As offensive as that is, we cannot allow that to be our reality. There are so many secrets in the pages of a book, pick up one today and allow it to usher you into your next!

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon

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