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BlogMas Day 6 | Feeling Devalued, heres how to find your true value


You are so valuable to me. I saw you searching in this perverse world for everything your heart desired. The world convinced you that true value came from what you had and what you could buy. I saw you trying to keep up with the Joneses. I saw you hustling and grinding just to keep up with those who you never shook hands with. I saw you chasing after worldly things that did not satisfy and as soon as you got what you were after, the world was off to the next best thing. I saw you, giving up your body in exchange for what you wanted. I saw you caught up in the spiderweb of all those “strings attached” after the lie that there would be none. I saw you trying to fight your way out all alone because either you got pregnant, a STD or he left. I remember those tears you cried in your pillow and I was there collecting them all. I stored them in little jars and I keep them close to my heart. Oh how I hate to see you cry. I saw you at your lowest when you gave your whole self to love and ended up bankrupt. That guy left you with absolutely nothing and especially no love to give to another.

The world taught you that, being in love was where true value lied. However, you didn't put your value in the love, but in the person who did everything they could to devalue you. Your value didn’t change, you just stopped believing that you were valuable. Value does not change depending on the one who holds the item, the item still holds its value no matter the holder. $1 is still $1 no matter what condition it is in. $1 does not differ in a rich man hand or poor one, its all in the appreciation; who will appreciate it more. If a person acts as if they don’t need you, you will appear to be of less value but that has nothing to do with value but more so appreciation. But I, your father, assigned your value since the beginning, your responsibility is simply not to end up in the wrong hands. What happened was you tied your value to someone who didn’t need you and you allowed them to put you on clearance. When the truth is there is absolutely nothing that I created about you that could ever be marked down. I made you for myself and everything I made is beautiful. I formed you, hand crafted you by my own hands. I put you together and took a step back and said that's good. You are perfect to me.

You are valuable because I myself created you and I created you for me. The world doesn't have a price tag great enough to hang on your neck. You are not damaged goods, I can still use you. I don’t care who abused you physically, mentally, verbally or emotionally. Let me heal you daughter. Broken crayons still color but I don't want you to just draw a beautiful picture with your life, I want to restore you completely. I have an amazing plan for your life daughter. I will never misuse you or lead you on like the men you were connected too. All I want to do is love you and give you the life that you have always wanted. You know the life you dream about but find it unattainable, yep that one! It's in me and I just want to be close to you so we can go after it together. Remember when I met with the woman at the well. I talked to a woman, they told me I wasn't allowed to speak too.

But those are the ones I want the most because I love the rejected. I love the ones who seem to be broken beyond repair because when they come to me, the world would know it was nobody but me, that put them on. The woman at the well had been married 5 times and the one she was with at that moment was not her husband; she looked in all the wrong places for love, value, security but then I showed up. When I show up, what you came looking for doesn't even seem that important anymore. She came for one thing but after encountering me she left with the world. That is how much I love you daughter, you come to this place to be fulfilled each day but you have to keep coming back because it gives but never quite enough, the rule of the game, keep you coming back. That is how the world makes their money.

The relationship you are in you settled in. Drugs aren't relieving you like they once did. The high doesn’t get you high enough to escape your problems. There is no liquor strong enough to forget anything beyond last night. Sex is no longer valuable, you only have sex now to make him happy. Sugar Daddies aren't as sweet as they use to be. The places you use to run, no longer satisfy. All the degrees, doesn’t get you in the right rooms. I have what you need that will satisfy you once and for all. One moment with me, will change everything for you. True value is found in me and then I come into you and that is what is meant by treasure in broken vessels. It is not what adorns you outwardly that gives you value but it's about what is in you and I want to live in you.

You are not marked down nor a clearance item. You were made in secret and need no advertisement. Your value is greater than rubies and more luxurious than Rolls Royce. You are valuable because you are the original and I didn't make another one like you. Your value comes from me. Therefore, it only appreciates. Tying your value to worldly things will keep you on a roller coaster but when you tie your value to me because my view of you never changes, your value will always be at its highest. Come here daughter, let me love you better than you've ever been loved before. Now baby, that is a true upgrade.

Your Daddy, GOD

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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