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Day 5 | Want to Finish Strong? You must stop this ONE thing

Procrastination is a real thing. Procrastination takes the life out of what you are working on. Procrastination is also deceitful because it makes one feel as though there is all this time in the world to get something done. As time closes in, procrastination does a half job on the project. Procrastination does not allow a thing to be done to its greatest and best ability, whatever we are working on does not get the full care it deserves, it is rushed and sometimes left imperfect. Procrastination is the opposite of perfectionism.

Procrastination is a strategy of war against us by the enemy or procrastination could simply be your personality. However, procrastination must be dominated for us to be successful in this next year we are going in too. Procrastination does not serve us or others around us. God blesses us so we can bless others, however, so many of us are holding the blessings for ourselves. I heard it said once, “there are others assigned to our yes”. There are multiples and multitudes of people who are waiting for you to do what God has told you to do. It was because of Juanita’s obedience that you are positioned in front of your phone or computer right now reading this blog post.

You may not know Juanita but because of Juanita, you know me. I was birthed through Juanita’s purpose and there is someone waiting to be birth through the ministry, words, books, purpose that God intended for you to do, complete, finish and release. Think about the weight of that. If you don’t say yes, someone else has to remain in bondage, in a prison of their mind, spiritually dead and separated from God. You have something that the world is spending all of their money and giving their soul away just to find. We are acquainted with a God who wants the world to know him but we keep him in a little box all to ourselves.

We have within us the light, the deliverance, redemption for the world. But procrastination has a ball and chain on what your heart is running toward to get finished. Procrastination, fear, doubt, worry and a host of other things but this post is about procrastination. Father God told me to write my book maybe a little over a year ago. And I waited, saying things like I will start it tomorrow, I don’t know where to start. For months my book literally sat on pause and time continued to fly.

One day, I had this gut feeling to get it done and get it finished. I was tired of talking about this book that was still unfinished. I had unfinished business with my destiny and God was calling for it to go to print sooner than I anticipated. I was telling people about it and saying “but I am still working on it”. This was no longer acceptable. I had friends releasing books left and right. I had no commitment to get it done. Then I heard God tell me to finish it this year. I felt the fire of God underneath me and the grace of God upon my shoulders. I finally had a date for the release of my book but I kept it to myself. By this time, I had a friend reach out to me and she asked, “are you writing a book?” I was stifled and I wondered how did she know. She responded and said “something told me you were and I want to draw your cover for you”. Not only that but I was telling a lady about my book and I was invited to a meeting with other authors and I was offered the opportunity to have my book placed in an African American café/library. Wow right? This is what happens when you stop procrastinating and start moving. God will begin to put things in place for you. By February 27, 2019, I had completely finished the book God placed in my spirit. The book is finished and will be released in late January/early February 2020.

Once I released the date, Ms.Roslin, a woman who is near and dear to my heart reached out to me about doing a segment at her annual “Dream Girls” conference. She hosts a conference of over 1000 middle and high school aged girls and I will be in the building with them. In addition, she offered me a vending table to sell my very first book. Listen!! Do not procrastinate! In February 2019, that was conception, the form of taking the book from my mind to paper. I watched over this book and I prayed over this book. Anything from God takes time to get from the seed to the harvest. Nothing in God springs up quickly. In the words of a dear sister in Christ, Christie L, “anything that springs up quickly is a weed and they never last”. There are no get rich quick schemes in the will of God.

I am glad I finished when I did because look how much time passed. If I waited any longer, even more time would have passed and the release would be later 2020, there is no time to waste. A few months ago, Daddy God has me on assignment to finish another book I started in 2017. I see the need of the people and I have the solution within my womb. I know there is a need because I can hear the people crying and many are coming to me for the very things I struggled with and overcame (that is the key to what you are called to be a solution for). People need what is in me now! People need what is in you now! We all have divine appointments on our journey. There are things in heaven that are time sensitive for your responsibility and people who will respond to what’s in you. However, if you never release, their freedom is at stake and delayed.

Let 2019 be the year that you leave procrastination behind. Recall the famous quote from the OJ Simpson case, “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit”. I have my own slogan, “If it doesn’t align, leave it behind”. If it does not align with the timing, will and purpose of God, walk away from it and do not look back. Put up boundaries around what God has called you to do and guard it with your life. The world is waiting for what is in you, all creation is awaiting for the unveiling of the sons of God (Romans 8:19). Don’t wait another day, the time is now, you do not have forever, the harvest is plenteous now. Therefore, I pray according to Matthew 9:38 that he will thrust you and me into the Harvest to bring in the lost, hopeless, battered, harassed, depressed, oppressed and dejected.

When Jesus returns, will he find the ones who were faithful and good stewards or will he call you a wicked, lazy and idle servant (Matthew 25:14-30)?

What are you waiting on, start that business, start that blog, start that family (within marriage), write the book, apply for that job, start that YouTube channel, go back to school…whatever it is that you have put on the shelf, pull it down, dust it off and get back to it. Time is of the essence.

How to overcome procrastination:Set a date and get it done. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Don’t try to do it all at once, break it into pieces so it will not be intimidating. Prioritize your time and use what is in your hand. Focus (Follow.One.Course.Until.Success) Do what you can and God will do the rest, he is faithful.

Signed a First time published author,

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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