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Blogmas Day 3 | I paid off my Car by Driving Uber

So I left my job in August of 2018, with a whole lot of faith but no plan and no money saved. My plan was to wing it, play it by ear. I had a vision but no solid direction on how to get there and where to start. But I was free from the oppression I experienced at my prior job. God gave me the release to go and I ran forest, run forest run.

(In another blog, if you are interested, I will share with you how to know when God is telling you to leave your job)

I still had bills that needed to be paid but I had no mechanism by which to make money. Two months later, God gave me a dream. In this dream, I saw myself driving Uber. I saw myself making good money and paying down debt tremendously. And one of those bills was my car.

I was so scared to drive Uber because of all the horror stories but in my fear I had a lot of peace. I started driving Uber within a week, unto obedience to what God said. As I drove around Charleston, SC, making the same amount of money I was making at my previous job everything was going good. I drove into the wee hours of the morning, all day long, no snack break or bathroom break. A continuous cycle of picking up and dropping off customers to their desired locations. I got one question many times, “As a woman, are you not afraid to drive Uber alone?” By this time, the initial fear had subsided and I would respond saying, “No I am not afraid because I am protected and covered by God’s angels.” I was so confident in driving Uber because I knew nothing bad could happen to me because God told me to drive Uber and I knew he wouldn’t send me to do something and I die in the midst of it. His perfect love and direction casted out all fear (1 John 4:18). Uber was also amazing because I used it as my evangelism tool. I talked about God, I met people I would have never met, I shook hands with the rich and even had one crazy (I’ll tell that story tomorrow). I drove in the best neighborhoods and I balled out. Omg the amount of freedom, I had nothing but time and my own schedule, Uber was good to me.

During the time of driving Uber, I definitely had a grace on my life. A grace from God is God’s ability to do what he asked of one with ease. When I moved to DC, that grace sure enough lifted, meaning my Uber tenure had ended and there was no need to continue. If I had continued, I would have been frustrated and aggravated because I was doing something that God was leading me out from under. The reason many people are frustrated where they are, is because God is attempting to free them or take them another direction and we fight against his help. Therefore, the frustration you feel is because of your personal fight against God. When something is over, it is just over, let it go so you can get to the next best thing God has in store for you. He will never force you to receive the best. Pastor Michael Todd said it best, “God will allow you to settle at the level of life that you choose.” But he has so much better for you and for me. There was a plan for your life before you lived one day, stop fighting it and simply submit and then you can bask in rest, a rest your soul is needing but you are depriving yourself from. (my bad, side bar) But not me, I knew when my time was up! But before God ushered me out…On June 2, 2019 I paid off my car!!!

I learned God is not obligated to bless what he did not start. Many times we want God to pay for what he did not order. I strongly believe God called me off my job and he did not leave me to figure it out alone, he directed me. It is easier for God to guide a moving car than a parked car. Thus, start moving and the hand of God will guide you like the GPS system. When you are parked, the ETA time increases and you are not any closer to your destination than when you cranked the car. However, when you are moving, you get closer and closer to the designated place. Many times we are waiting on God to move, when in reality he is waiting on us. God took the wheel of this new season and I trusted him. I learned in 2019 the power of trust and now I am basking in the benefits of it. God is a provider and he provides for his children and for those who obey him.

It feels so good to pay off debt and this was definitely one of the greatest moments of 2019.

Debt free girl,

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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