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I don't want to hear it God...

First I want to start by saying God has feelings too. God is a good good father and as a good father he only wants what's best for his children. Whenever we deviate from his plan it grieves him. June 2015 I decided to move to Chicago against the wishes of God. I was moving because I WANTED TOO, I didn't care what God had to say. God sent 10 people to let me know it wasn't the right move, God used the guy himself to show me it wasn't the right MOVE but I AM GROWN AND I DO WHAT I WANT. They all asked, did you pray about the move and I responded, I have peace about it. But how many of you know, I didn't have God's peace, I had my peace. I had my peace because I had my mind made up and my plans laid out, no one could stop me, no opinion mattered. I had the opportunity to be married to my dream guy. Let me explain, I had this "lust" for a tall, chocolate man with dreads, yes God that's what I wanted. I also had a desire and dream to marry a football player, well ✅✅✅✅ he had it all, you couldn't tell me it wasn't God, It was the desires of my heart and God said he would give it to me... But we all know Satan plays on our desires as well and he will give you what you want and disguise it like it's from God in a package of your prayers and be a hell of a gift lol. 10 people maybe more, God loved me enough to send them all to my front door to tell me I wasn't making the right decision, I ignored it all. I ignored God the day I met him, when I heard God say, KEEP MOVING, YOU DON'T WANT HIM.

God gave me doors to escape but I didn't feel I needed rescue. And because of that, the burden of disappointing God loomed me. I didn't want to talk to God, condemnation was a monster, guilty but rebellious. My mindset was pray for what? I pray this relationship work smh but I know he don't want me too go but this is what I wanted. God was taking too long to give me the husband he knew I wanted so I took matters into my own hands. I left, still ain't talk to God, I felt his heart breaking each day I got closer to leaving, because he knew, I knew better. He knew I knew my worth and he knew how it would end. But even in my decision he still loved me, he still kept me, and protected my destiny. I made my plan but every door closed in my face in Chicago, God had me in a place where I had no options and everything I tried failed. There was no love in that relationship, a lot of disagreements, lonely nights because he wouldn't come home or he would leave me home and go out, no more cuddling and picking on me about my weight (I thickened back up at this time), he wanted me to pay half the bills, he didn't want to take me out and the list goes on... I LOST MY DURN MIND, all that just to say I had somebody.

He told me 2 months in, I had to go home. *then 2 days after I had been home, find out via Facebook, he had a new gf*

But by this time, I had grown so cold to God's convictions, I no longer could hear him so he decided to speak through the lips of the man whose words were like honey. I cried because yet again I failed, I couldn't go home after two months, another failed relationship, failed plan and I said okay God you got me. I cried and was surprised God listened. So back home I went..... Moral of the story, if you don't walk out of outgrown situations, God will close the door for you, he will make whatever you are walking in so uncomfortable that the only choice you have is to step out those shoes and find what truly fits you. God will leave you with no other option but to grow out of it.

Come out and let us help you move out of outgrown situations, March 24th is still time enough to change the trajectory of your life. After we talk about those outgrown situations, we are going to prophetically walk it out on the runway. Get your tickets today ladies

Love Yourself <3

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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