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I realized I had been exposed and I had to find the reason I was no longer hidden. I prayed to God and told him that I wanted to go back into hiding until I was healed and was in a place of wholeness. In my hidden phase, no one was approaching me and after some time, I took myself out of hiding and I became exposed to men and people who were never intended to find me.

When you make a decision to submit your life unto God, you go into his Witness Protection Program. We were never intended to be with multiple partners and in multiple relationships. He never intended us to experience hurt, brokenness, pain, neglect, and abandonment. But as humans we walked from under his protection and found ourselves on the roads of the world and ended up on a detour. However, being that we serve such an amazing God, he did not allow our past to be wasted but he worked everything that was meant for our bad out for our good.

There are intruders on the loose that are after you, they come to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan does not like you and he is after what's inside of you. He is after the treasures within you and he wants to rob you of your value. If he gets your value, you will not be able to reach those assigned to you and people can die when you are not in position. He wants to lure you out of position so he can destroy you and everything connected to you. Satan is deceptive and he will come to you wrapped in something that looks good to the eye and what you think is for your nourishment is really meant for your destruction.

So many times in life we have taken the fruit and for some of us it has almost destroyed us because we did not want to wait patiently. Satan does not want you to be found by the man God has for you ladies, because he wants to stop anything that is ministry and glorifies God. He wants to take you away from purpose because he does not want you to reach your fullest potential. Your maximum potential is only accessed when you are hid in God, in God's protection as he molds you and covers you. Sometimes your fullest potential is realized when covenant is made. When you are hidden in God, nothing by any means shall harm you.

God hides you until you are safe. And you are safe when he comes back to save you or until he sends your earthly covering. God wants to hide you but we expose ourselves to the very things God wants to protect us from.

How we are exposed:

1. We are not still. In hiding we ask unnecessary questions and not waiting patiently.

Waiting patiently: enjoying the process until what you are praying for manifests without murmuring or complaining

God already knows what you want and need; you have already told him. Be patient and wait until help comes!



Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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