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Take a moment and press play on the youtube video above and mediate on God and his love towards you. Think about his love from the beginning when you first experienced it to this very moment. Take a moment to just breathe it in and allow his love to consume you. Serenade him and wrap your arms around him on this Father's day; think about how he kept he loved he pursued he took care of he remained faithful and never left he protected he changed he cleaned you up and how he thought you were to die for. Think about how good he has been to you despite everything you have been through and yet you are still here. Think about how you should have lost your mind but he kept it all together. Think on his love, his goodness, his mercy, his kindness, his longsuffering and his patience towards you!!! You do not deserve any of it but because of a father's love, he gave his grace which allows us to have the love we do not deserve.

There is nothing better, stronger, or deeper than a father's love. A father's love is so important to a child and his presence is vital for a healthy life. Many of us did not grow up experiencing a natural father's love but that does not exempt us from experiencing the ultimate love that was great enough to fill the empty shoes left behind.

A father's love is perfect, consistent, everlasting, and dependable. A father's love, loves us when we do not and did not love ourselves. A father's love, loves us when we do not deserve it. His love was there when we turned our backs on him and he remained faithful to us. A father's love picks up the broken pieces of our heart even when we gave it away against his wishes. He takes the broken pieces and restores us anew. A father's love wipes away our tears. A father's love is the lifter of our heads and the collector of every tear we have cried. A father's love protects us even when we do not see danger up ahead. A father's love is indescribable and sometimes unfathomable. A father's love keeps talking to us even when we aren't listening. A father's love is perfect even when we do not understand. A father's love wakes us up every morning because he knows the plans he has towards us. A father's love does not see our sins, flaws, and imperfections, he sees himself in us. A father's love cares for us by protecting us from ourselves. A father's love will cause him to die for us and go to the cross even when he didn't deserve it. A father's protective love is sometimes wrapped in rejection to get us to his best. A father's love always has our best interest at heart. A father's love makes everything all better. A father's love strengthens and encourages you when it feels like the world is against you. A father's love, loves us through the rejection, when we are ungrateful, when we love the gifts more than him and when we don't value his love; his love keeps loving. A father's love is fearless. A father's love will seek you and find you in a desolate place. A father's love will come to where you are boldly and snatch you out any addiction, pain, crack house, dope house, hoe house or club.

Some people may not be able to relate to this father's love because our natural father was not present but all I can suggest is to give this love a try. All you have to do is open your heart and allow God to be a father in your life. I challenge you to let go of the hurt of your own father's mistakes; forgive him, restore and/or reconcile that relationship. Do what ever you have to so you don't miss out on the best love around because barriers in your natural relationship will cause barriers in your spiritual relationship with the Father of Fathers.

"The bible says how can you love a God you cannot see but you do not love your neighbor who you see everyday." ~1 John 4:20 (paraphrased)

I was one of those children who didn't get the privilege of having a relationship with her father and it affected me negatively because I would look for a father's love in everyone I met. I was grown but the little girl in me still wanted to stroke my father's face, experience his love, sit on his lap, cry on his shoulder, and be given the real picture of what a man should be and how he should treat me. Then one day God showed me that I have always had that. He showed me that he has been there from the beginning of time, he was there when I was being formed in my mother's womb, he was there when I learned how to ride a bike, he was there when I was scared at night, he was there when I cried my first tear, he was there when I graduated, he was there when my heart was broken, he was there, he is here and he will always be here! He loves on me in his presence, I stroke his face when I worship him and he has showed me the picture of man through his son Jesus and the many other men in the word. He has also shown me the real picture of a man through the father figures he has placed all around me. I have never missed anything, I simply was not aware of his presence but now when I think back on it, my father was there all along, it took me returning to him to realize it. Once I realized his presence and who he has been to me, I realized that I am the daughter of King and an heir of his Kingdom. He is a good good father, it's who he is and we are loved by him.

Here is the perfect depiction of a father's love:


Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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