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Ask yourself this question: Can I be trusted with the things I’ve been asking God for?

If you answered yes, then I assume you have everything you have ever asked for. I hope to be like you one day however I am still waiting on some things. There were plenty times in my life where I have wanted something and I thought I was ready for it and either it didn’t show up when I wanted it too or it’s still on layaway somewhere waiting on me or its not mine.

The flip side of can you be trusted is do you really trust God. The waiting period can be hard; you know what is available to you but it's not here yet then the inevitable question that has plagued every believer is, when God, when?

That question rolls off our tongues when we feel we have waited long enough. We fix what we think is broken and the desire still has not manifested.

Note: Sometimes in anxiety, we are healing symptoms but the source of the problem is left unattended.

In the meantime you neglect to up keep the things you already have. God will use what you least expect to prepare you for what you truly want; it’s up to you to show God you can be trusted in whatever he gives you. God is not going to give you the blessing first for you to prove yourself; he gives you the prototype to practice on.


Examples (Hindrances to your desires):

You are praying for new creatives ideas but you haven’t completed the idea he has already given you.

You are praying for God to give you children, yet you won’t volunteer in children’s church although you know they are looking for helpers.

You are praying for more money but you won’t give 10% and offering because all the church want is your money.

You are praying for your business to have customers from the North, South, East and West but you don’t show up to your now job every day and you don’t support nobody else's dreams.

You want a family but you don’t love the one you have.

You want a husband but you mad at everybody who is getting married.

Biblical example: Way before David was anointed, he was groomed to be King. Out of his siblings, he was left with the task to oversee the sheep; he took on the job that no one else wanted. He was a good steward; he worked with integrity and he gave his life for his sheep. And because of his diligence over his sheep, God could trust him as King over his nations.


What is something you got stuck with that nobody else wanted? Before you quit, think about what you prayed for...

God has your best interest at heart and he will test you; he already knows what you will do but he wants you to see yourself. God will not give you anything that will either hurt you or you destroy.

In conclusion, I feel there are three reasons we don't have what we asked for:

1) Most of you are held back by fear or insecurities about your qualifications and abilities so you don't go after it.

2) You are holding on so tightly to your own desires to do your own thing instead of his will. You feel you are going to miss an opportunity so you go for the good opportunity out of convenience rather than the God opportunity out of sacrifice. Its a matter of trust and God is seeking someone to trust with the assignment. Can he trust you?

3) You wouldn’t know how to appreciate it because you don’t appreciate what you have now. You fall for the counterfeit because it doesn’t require much to obtain but it cost much more to keep. You must be faithful over the now and the few and understand God will always give you something on a smaller scale first to see how you take care of it.

During the waiting (trust) period, God is anointing you for more based on how you take care of what you already have. Your anointing grows as you are faithful and what you are praying for will manifest at God’s appointed time.

I challenge you to go back and assess your life and think about all the things God has already blessed you with; have you been faithful over them? Go back and make things right and begin to take care of those things properly; do not worry about what’s next, just be faithful over the now and proof your trust and then you will have what you want wrapped in what you need.


Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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