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Hurt, harm, destruction, lies, bondage, frustration, stress, and confusion.

When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt they came out with victorious hands raised and anticipating the day when they finally walked in the land that God had promised their forefathers. Deliverance tasted so sweet, it had been 400years of a conditioned way of life.

As Moses led them out, they had complete faith in their God because God had just done the unthinkable. Like many Christians, we have great faith when everything is good. We boast on how we have walked so far away from sin and troubles and as soon as challenges are presented we flight instead of fight. We don’t flight forward but backwards to what’s normal. But we are not alone because when Pharaoh pursued the Israelites, they couldn’t see the God that just delivered them, they saw Pharaoh’s army behind them. At this place, we forget the delivering God and magnify what is physically happening around us.

We forget that God is not a one hit wonder. If he was our deliverer then, he can be our deliverer again. After God, used Moses to deliver his people, the Israelites came to place where they were trapped and feared for their lives and they turned to Moses and asked

“Did you bring us out here to die? Leave us alone so we can go back to serving the Egyptians. It would have been better for us to be slaves to the Egyptians than to die out here in the desert.”

At the first sign of trouble they were ready to run back to a life of bondage. Most times instead of going through the pain to become stronger, we quit in the process and go back to what’s comfortable. What’s back there? The same heartache? The same man who beat you and you would cry out to God to rescue you? Drugs? Alcohol? Comfort ideals?

We would rather return to all the things that hurt us instead of forging forward to the promised place, the place of abundance, and the land that flows with milk and honey because we had to face some things along the way? The process in between is preparing us for the promise. We have waited so long for this so what’s back there? All the things that kept us away from God. Don’t fall for satan’s tricks, back there is not better; we are not missing anything. Going back may seem easier but whenever we leave room for satan to return, he brings seven other friends and they cause being delivered again to be seven times harder.

I say to us the same thing Moses told the Israelites,

“Don’t be afraid! Stand your ground and witness how the Eternal will rescue you today. Take a good look at the Egyptians, for after today you will never see them again. The Eternal will fight on your behalf while you watch in silence.”

God doesn’t need our help, he is saying, “Watch me be God.” Out of rebellion and mistrust we go back and we fail to realize it hurts us more than it hurts God. I encourage us not to be like Lot’s wife and look back. She was looking back at a place God was destroying and even if she tried to go back, either she would have been consumed with her mess or nothing would have been their when she returned. She turned into a pillar of salt because she got stuck and it’s hard to move forward looking back.

When God delivers, he eradicates anything that will draw us back. What’s back there? A life of sin that leads to death. What's the point of going back? Did you leave something? Don't worry God will restore everything we think we lost. Maybe we needed to leave it so God could renew us and give us what we desire, his way. Leave behind the things you cheated and lied to obtain. Be reminded that whatever we had that God didn't give us, God is not obligated to bless.

No more retracting steps, God knows the plans that he has ahead of us, to prosper us and give us a future of hope. There isn't anything we can change about the past so what’s back there, to go back too? Nothing is still nothing no matter how we dress it up. Our future is brighter ahead of us than it ever was behind us.


Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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