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Question: What does it mean to be cocooned with God?

Answer: Whenever something is in a cocoon, they are isolated, that is the time of transformation, new life meeting the new you. For over a year, I witnessed myself being peeled apart, I saw how my environment began to change. I no longer wanted to hang out the same places and old friends began to walk away (remember anything that walks out your life is not connected to your destiny).

During this time, it was only me, myself and God. God showed me so much about myself (the time of coming face to face with you, it hurts but it's worth it). During this time it was no one to look at to make any comparisons, everything I saw was no longer good enough for the woman I wanted to be. Anything I needed to know, I would no longer run to everyone for answers but I would pray, seek and wait for direction. Also in the cocoon phase, I had to leave somethings behind, men, desires, dreams and etc.

As a caterpillar, I enjoyed crawling and being everywhere for the state I was in, for that which I understood. For instance, in sin, you love sin. But once my transformation began, being low was no longer my outlook, I saw beyond. It did not happen over night. In the cocoon with God, he began to define me, define the dreams and desires I had, and he aligned them with his purpose. When I came to him I was broken in a million pieces and in the cocoon, he restored me to be good as new. He healed my broken heart in the cocoon, he reminded me of who I was and who I was in him, he made me whole, and he filled me with his love. Being in a cocoon is tight and it is not comfortable but in the meantime you must endure until your appointed time.

Do not rush the process because you do not want to come out prematurely. No longer ask yourself why me, why is this happening. Ask God to open your eyes and ask why not me? Everything you go through is for a reason, nothing God does or allows to happen to us goes to waste. I am still in the cocoon phase because there is still work to be done but once it is done, you will begin to soar over that which you once crawled in. Allow each part of you to be cocooned because in this phase is where it's just you and the master hands, you are his masterpiece so let him craft. Ask God to hide you from everything that does not mean you any good in this season, you do not need any distractions or disruptions to what God is trying to do. Satan will attempt to take you out of your cocoon but remember if you come out too early you will be undeveloped and deformed.

A cocoon with God - a time of isolation from that which is familiar to be uncomfortable for a season to be transformed into the women he destined you to be spiritually, physically, and emotionally; a time to become whole; to become one with God. After the cocoon, you can no longer go back to the same places/friends/things because you no longer fit in (have you ever seen a butterfly try to live on the ground again).

L.O.V.E Lyfe <3

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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