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Thirsty Christians

Who said thirst was a bad thing. It is only a bad thing upon how you see it. To be thirsty is simply to have a need for something to drink. Thirst goes away as the need for what is lacking is fulfilled. To say Christians can't be thirsty is a lie. We thirst but not after the things of the world. When we thirst naturally for something to drink or for material possessions, once we intake it, in time we will be thirsty again. The world or satan likes to copy the things of God, he takes what God created and perverts it. For example, when we thirst for things of the world, our satisfaction for the product is never enough, we have to keep going back again and again. On the contrary when we thirst after the things of God, that one thing becomes enough. The world gives us just enough, God gives us more than enough. It is a steady supply, that constantly fills us, so much so, that it overflows. It is not just enough for you but for others around you.

What I have come to discover is our desperate ain't desperate enough. We want God and the things of him but not bad enough. When you are desperate for something, you will do anything to possess it.

I long for God not just because he is God but because one it is a natural desire and two because I understand how vital he is to my life and existence. But even with this desire, we have yet to arrive to a place of desperation. When you are desperate you become a feign and no matter what, you are going to obtain that thing you are after. When you are desperate you will not allow anything to stop you, there are no excuses and no signs of giving up.

When you are desperate, you drop the weights of anything that will try and stop you in your tracks. With desperation you have to understand that you can't live a minute without God, you got have him. If God was too snatch his breath from your body, it would be over. However, you have many people saying I can't live without my man, I can't live without my kids, I can't live without my house...that is all a lie because if you have God and these things are no more, you would still be here to tell the story. These material things are enhancements to life not life itself. To say you can without God is like being underwater, gasping for air because you need air to breath just as you need God to live.

Do you desire God or Are you Desperate?

Jesus is our ultimate example, he was so desperate for God; he would steal away moments JUST to be with him.

To stop spending time with God equates to not breathing and you use things to be your life support and if those things are taken away, unplugged, you die. Away from the source of life is death. But with God is like breathing on your own, no one can pull the plug because God is the sustainer of your life, no strings attached, that's what makes it unconditional.

To be desperate says you can not live without, the need supersedes the wants for it. Desperation stops at nothing; a minute away is too long. When we thirst we know our main supply but we drink from the well that never runs dry, steady supply, never ending you'll drink to never thirst again [John 4:14].

L.O.V.E Lyfe <3

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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