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What's Under Your Magnifying Glass

What you choose to magnify or dwell on is essential to what your life will look like. It is a choice therefore you are responsible for the input and its results. Everything does not need a magnifying glass because you can see most things with your own eyes but there are some things you can do to make what you want to see, bigger. One way to accomplish this is to live by 2 Corinthians 5:7, walk by faith and not by sight. Faith is our magnifying glass. Most times what we see is false and it comes to be a distraction and interruption from the authentic will of God. You can choose to focus on what is in front of you or you can swap what you see for something that seems smaller or impossible and "make" it bigger by faith. The obstacle(s) or mountain(s) before you are already big but YOU CAN MAKE what you are believing for, BIGGER. Use your zoom.

You have the ability to make it as big as you want it to be. Notice how I continuously say you, make, responsible, focus, and faith; it is up to you, no one else can do this for you.

A magnifying glass makes that which you can not see, bigger and that is the same thing faith does. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Faith makes that which is impossible to see with the human eye, visible.

For example, you can feel sick in your body and most times others can see it as well, that is evident. Consider this, when someone finds out they are sick, don't they start looking/acting sick? That is not the plan of God for our lives, we have to act like we believe even when its hard. So in this case, let's change our focal points and zoom in. Healing and total restoration are hard to see at this point so let's magnify it with faith. With healing under the magnifying glass, it now becomes bigger than the sickness you feel because you have chosen to believe that which is currently bigger. Sickness will coward away based on what you choose to grab a hold to and not let go of. When you begin to command and speak the word of healing over your life daily, "By his stripes I am healed", this becomes what you believe and if you speak it long enough, it will become your new reality.

Also, let's say you have more month than money. But you are not broke, you have paid all your bills, "adulting" and have nothing to live on. But when you pull out your magnifying glass, to focus on what you want to see you have the power to make it as big as you want it to be. When you magnify the promises of God that he wants me prosperous, he supplies everyone of my needs and I have more than enough, I am blessed in the city and blessed in the fields, I am blessed when I come and when I go; that becomes your new reality. Focus on what you do have and be faithful over the few.

That tells me I do not have to put up with any and everything that comes my way and stands between me and my truth; it's my choice and they have unauthorized access and I have the authority to kick it out my life with what I choose to magnify. Don't be afraid of what stands before you. Be like David and slay Goliath, don't be intimidated.

Don't focus on the obvious, that is only an illusion, it is not truth. Truth should always be your reality. What ever you truly believe is what will be biggest to you.

Anything that is bigger intimidates that which is smaller. What you see is only temporary but the things of God are eternal. The things of God are already bigger because they will last forever.

I challenge you today to start looking at things differently. You make the choice to see what you want to see and you have the power to change its size with your the words of your mouth and the focus of your mind. Today ask God to open your eyes as he did for Elisha's servant (2 Kings 6) so you can see what is real and not what appears.

Much Love

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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