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Begin living in purpose on purpose. It is an intentional decision meaning everything you do must align with the end goal or purpose. If it does not align with purpose, you should not give it the time of day. Each day counts because each day is a step towards your appointed destination.

To be intentional about your days is to ask God what it takes for your day to be successful (complete). You must cut back on idle time because it is the devil’s workshop and you must be productive and not just “busy”. Most times a lot of us do a whole lot of nothing, moving but staying in place. Doing something yet going the wrong way is time wasted. Sidenote: Direction matters!

Here are three ways you can begin each day with purpose:

1. Wake up with God, asking him what he wants for your day. A good man steps are ordered by God. God knows what the day holds because he formed your days before the foundation of this world. He wrote them all before you lived one day. He is the creator, go to him and find out the purpose for each day. ~Psalm 139:16

2. Confessions and decreeing over your day. Prepare your mind for the day God already intended it to be. I am the apple of God’s eyes, I am the head and not the tail, above only and never beneath, I lend to many nations and never have a need to borrow, everything I touch prospers and succeeds.Today was created on purpose, therefore I will live it on purpose.

3. Satan does not take naps nor days off. Therefore, when you decide to be idle and take a break, keep in mind satan is still planning. Be not ignorant of his devices. Plan for interruptions, distractions and attacks in your day so when something comes up, you can be ready and know how to deal with it. Anything that leads you from purpose, you will be able to recognize it because it was not apart of the plan. Do not be distracted by the mirages that may appear, it’s only false evidence appearing real (F.E.A.R), one of satan's tactics.

God gives us new grace for each new day because yesterday’s grace was for yesterday. Waking up knowing he gave us a new replenishment of grace and it never runs out helps to be in purpose everyday because he already equipped us, that was intentional. So there is no need to wonder, just ask so you and God can be on the same page. He has fully stocked us with everything we will ever need for today. Just because we do not use it correctly does not mean it does not have purpose, it means we didn't make good use of it which is irresponsibile (but that's for another blog).

Be ready with each day. Wake up knowing God kept you yet another day because there is still more he needs you to do. Don’t wake up each morning like, its just another day, no THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE. Has denoting past, he made this day before, so now it’s your time to live it out and operate in all he already put into today. There will be stumbling blocks because satan doesn’t want to see God’s will carried out. I suggest we trust in God with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding and in all our ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path (making every crooked path straight).

Much Love

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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