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How effective is an appliance, phone, or etc not plugged in? Not that effective I would presume. Without the object being plugged in, lack of power is inevitable. Without power, nothing happens. And when nothing happens, that renders the product useless and susceptible to misuse. If the object is now useless it cannot do what it was purposed to do. We were placed on the Earth to win the lost, be his examples in the Earth, to pray effectively, live more abundantly, to worship in spirit and in truth, to lay hands on the sick and they recover, cast out demons in his name, and raise the dead. Without the power flowing we cannot do any of these things and so much more. We can pray all day long but God only hears the prayers of faith and faith comes from being connected to the power which in this case is the Word of God (Romans 10:17). But without the presence of power, we become useless and we allow others to misuse us. That is why we live a less productive life, prayers aren’t being answered, we shout the house down and nothing changes. Power moves things, so if nothing is moving, what’s missing?

To not be plugged in leads to no progression. Naturally things die when not plugged in so as in the spirit. If you stay plugged in daily you constantly are being refilled, recharged and you always have a steady supply of power. Being plugged in gets you access to unlimited power that never ceases.

This leads me to the point of why churches are not experiencing miracles, signs and wonders. It is because as individuals we are not staying connected to the plug or the vine individually (John 15:1-8) so when we get together corporately we are a bunch of plugs out of socket; all together but not connected to anything, not even to each other. We are not experiencing these things because the church has no power, no love and many secrets; they ultimately are not plugged in either and most times they are not plugged into the voice of God because there is a blockage called flesh or self. When tapping into power that has to be removed. Our desires can be dead air when attempting to make connections with God. We are not operating on the level he has called us because everybody in church is doing their own thing or conforming to the world. We win souls but then again we look like them too, where is the distinction between the world and the church? Well it should be in the power.

Has someone ever shocked you? Well in order for them to have shocked you, they would have had to been with power. In our walk, we should walk around shocking people and causing the power of God to flow through us to others. The only way we can do that is if we are connected to the power source ourselves. Apart from the plug we can do nothing. Jesus is the plug, he is the extension by which we make the connection. We are not experiencing power because we are not continuously tapped into the power source. You can’t reach the power or socket? Well that tells me you need to be stretched.

The socket is God, Jesus is the plug and the Holy Spirit is the power. Without spending time with the Holy Spirit we are useless and we have no power. How do you tap into the power you ask? Spend time with him daily, worship him, sit at his feet, be still, read the word, steal away time with him, and stay in constant prayer. Without these things, there will be no power.

Being half way plugged in causes the refill to take a long time when your use is… NOW!! Imagine not having your phone fully charged when you need it. Most times as believers this can be us, not fully charged when needed. This reminds me of the story of the five foolish virgins (Matthew 25), do not get caught without power, it could cost you.

#pluggedintoGod **Look out for new plugware coming soon** #bonus

Much Love

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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