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When you come to God, you must come, boldly before his throne of grace. When you are before God’s throne, you have just entered into the realm of his presence. You will quickly discover that anything that comes into his presence is subject to change.

When you daily come into his presence, you will begin to witness the layers of yourself being peeled back. The peeling process is one of the most extensive and longest processes of them all. God does not just peel some layers and bandage others, he peels until he has reached the core of your authentic self. There are many layers that makes up the “perception” of who you are. There is first the layers of feelings, secondly the layers created by your thoughts and words said about yourself, thirdly the layers created by the words and actions of others, and lastly the layers that protects you and keeps you from falling apart.

Once the peeling is done and God has stripped you to the core, there are now doors of your core exposed. God must now work on the inner most part of your being. Behind the doors are all your life experiences that caused the layers around you to form.

When you were first created, you were handcrafted by God; fearfully and wonderfully made. But although, we were made by God so perfectly, that does not exempt us from life’s trials. There are many doors that you have built in your core and every time someone came along, you stuffed all the issues, problems and memories behind the door so no one could see them; and once that room was filled, you built another door to create more room and as a result the messier and messier your life got although it appeared cleaned up.

But with each door created, came a layer. For example, imagine one door is built because of an absentee father, that door creates the first layer which is abandonment (just to name one). Imagine another door is a cheating husband, from this door creates mistrust. And as you were attempting to clean up the mess made, someone came to help you and instead of allowing them to help, you stuffed it all behind the door. From the layers of abandonment and mistrust comes the thoughts about yourself, “I am damaged goods”. From this layer, creates the layer of what others see which could be vulnerability, so many may stay away. With enough layers, a person can become hard and the way to protect your core which is covered by everything else is to be angry. Anger protects you.

You core has been tainted and around it grew a hard exterior shell because it couldn’t take itself being hurt any more. Looking around all you can see are the layers that you are buried behind. Most times what you see the most becomes what you believe. And after staring at yourself from the inside long enough you begin to view everyone else by this view. In this your vision becomes one sided and as you are looking out you are really looking in. For this reason, you see others as you see yourself; thinking everyone else has the problem when it’s actually you. In the same sense, they say you attract what you are, you do this because you receive what you see.

Much Love

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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