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Prayer from our Hearts

Father in the name of Jesus, we just want to say thank you. Thank you for waking us up to see yet another day. We thank you for being God. We thank you for being sovereign and we thank you for always having everything under control and keeping things together when we feel like everything is falling apart. We are so grateful that you watch over us and keep us in all of our ways. God although we do not always see your hand, God reveal to us your heart; reveal to us your will. Even when we feel you are not there, let your presence be felt. Thank you God that you never left us nor forsake us. Continue to lead us into all wisdom, all knowledge, and all truth. Order our steps so that we only take the way you have laid out before us. Give us the strength to endure, when the weight on us seems to be to heavy. Lord help us take off every weight and flee any temptation that may slow us down, keep us comfortable as we run with you. Lord, we thank you that you will never put more on us than we can bear. Help us to not ask why us but have the understanding of why not us. Have your way in our lives so that we can be the vessels you use to fulfill your purpose in the Earth. Allow us to see as you see God so that when we face challenges, we can count it all joy. God you are greater in us than he that is in the world. We lean on you, we depend on you and you promised to keep us in perfect peace whose minds are stayed on you. Help us to keep our mind stayed on you despite all the distractions around us. Help us to endure! Preserve us Lord for your glory and we will be careful to always bring glory, praise and the adoration that is due your name, in all circumstances, whether up or down, happy or sad. Help us to always remember we may cast down but not defeated , persecuted but not abandoned. God help us to know we may be pressed on all sides but not crushed, help us to see you God in every situation because we know you have our best at heart and you have already taken the bad and have already worked it out for our good; in Jesus name. AMEN

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