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Eureka: God!

Matthew 13:44

Gold is very valuable and so is the Kingdom of God. The bible compares the Kingdom of God to hidden treasures. Just like gold is not found on the surface of land, neither is God’s Kingdom. Mining for gold is synonymous to searching for God and developing a relationship with him. Likely once you reach the gold, you open the access to afford and do things you never had, same as with the Kingdom of God.

To get to the gold in the ground, you need tools such as a shovel, a drill and a container to put the gold in. As in the spiritual realm, you have Jesus which is the shovel; He is the only way by which we can get to God. The drill which is the word of God which is sharper and more powerful than any two edged sword, and your heart and life are the containers by which the Kingdom fills.

Neither will gold nor a relationship with God just come to you, you must dig for it. It may seem like it’s not there but those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. He said if you seek me with ALL of your heart, you will find me. Just keep digging.

Most times in life we are looking in the wrong places for the things God has already made available to us. We dig in the wrong places for relationships, happiness, contentment, wholeness, peace, love, finances and etc. We were finding things but they were not in their purest forms or they weren't real, they were contaminated by the world. It looked like what we wanted and it lasted for a while but the value diminished because it contained other substances.

Even in finding gold, it has to be purified, tried and cleansed and your relationship with God goes through the same process by the fiery trials of life. Gold is not found everywhere, you have to go to specified locations. It’s in his secret place (his Kingdom) that you can find his presence and have a relationship with him. God is not everywhere; He is not in every relationship, friendship, club, bar, certain music, nor environments. He is not even in every church; that is why, you must be careful where you go. Not every place is conducive for a pure relationship with the Father.

Even places where you once found gold may run out. That doesn’t mean there is no more gold, that just means you have gotten all you can here and it’s time to shift to a new place. God is infinite so some places become too familiar and he moves you so you don’t become complacent. Doing something repetitively, we can get accustomed and we start operating out of memory rather than faith in God. If you always find God in a place you will only know God in one dimension.

If you only experience God as Jehovah Jireh and you always go to that place, when you need healing in your body, you won’t have recollection that he is also Jehovah Rapha, God our healer. If you only worship God in your room, you won’t know that God is omnipresent and he is wherever we are. These things must be discovered and explored, just like one searches for gold.

Some places have to dry up (like the brook dried up before Elijah) for you to move and have other encounters with God and continuously live in a place where you are experiencing God.

A relationship with God is available to you but it’s your choice to go after it and not stop until you’re captured by what you are after.

Much Love

Te’Aire Griffin, Founder/Visionary Restore Mon Amour

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