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Introducing the Coaching Program to help guide you from daddy issues (mommy issues as well) to dating differently whether unmarried or married, in a relationship or situationship. This coaching program is for the woman in any status with a man where she is still unfulfilled. This program will be led by none other than Te'Aire Griffin, Your HealHer Relationship Coach. You will receive a workbook, copy of Tears of An Orphan Heart, group sessions and 1:1 sessions as needed. This is a structured group that guides you through three processes:


1. RECOGNIZE...recognize why your relationships aren't working, why arent your relationships what they can be, how your life is impacted by father/mother wounds, how your body responds to trauma, what are your triggers, what are the roots. In this phase we are becoming aware of what is happening. What is not revealed cannot be healed.


2. this phase we are responding to what has been revealed to us. We will unpack the baggage, storylines, mindsets, respond to limited thinking, negative thoughts, beliefs, dating patterns, unhealthy conflict and communication skills, coping and defense mechanisms. This is where we will do the work, create systems, better habits, break bondages, generational curses, poverty spirit and strongholds and unlearn!


3. RESOLVE....Girl Resolve to date differently. After we have recognized and done a lot of heart work and self discovery we will be postured to step into your healing, wholeness and purpose. You become the woman you didnt know you were under the mask, hurt, pain, unresolved issues. Can I tell you she is amazing!!


When we Uproot the tree, we no longer get the fruits that were attached. We are not fixing fruit, we are going in for the real issue to see lasting evolution. I am ready to walk with you to do the work to start your healing journey. Our childhood has the greatest impact on our lives and it shapes you, it tells you what to do, who to be, and how to react...more often we are responding from that unhealed little girl inside of us that we are still trying to protect.


The bleeding is affecting how you see God, how you see yourself, how you date, how you handle opportunities, how you show up, how you love you, how you give love, how you recieve love, if you trust or not, how you handle your money and so much more.


This is the place where we will heal our God image and self image. Go on a journey of self discovery. We are healing our relationship with God, self, others and money. 


This work is valued at over $5000 but I am offering it for only $497. It's time to move from stuck to unstoppable, from wounded to whole.


Join today. First session starts Tuesday February 7th at 7pm. We meet every Tuesday for six weeks. It's time for you to become the woman you didnt know you were and I can assure you she is more than you can think or imagine! She awaits <3


PS if you want to do a payment plan, please send us a message and we can set up an invoice through paypal for smaller incremental payments.

Hey HealHer | From Daddy Issues to Dating Differently

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Payments
$125.00every week for 4 weeks
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