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Journal Size 8.5x11

200 pages

Plastic Binding

Revised, more scriptures, revised writing prompts and a planner for your QT with the father


Te'Aire Griffin is passionate about journaling to God about all things life. She desired to create this journal to give you a safe place to pour your heart out to God and do so confidently as his daughter, now that is true freedom of speech. We never have to be afraid to come to our father to talk to him about anything, even when we make mistakes and do life without him, we can always return. Te'Aire wants to remind you that our Father never wants to be away from us. He gave his life for our reunion. Returning is a DAILY DISCIPLINE. Don't run away from God, always press in. Don't do life without him, invite him along. We tend to run from God and feel unworthy but he desires for us to run to Him. God is always there for us to talk too, or in this case WRITE too.


If you are a writer, this journal is for you. If you desire to return to God daily, this journal is for you.

The Return Journal

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