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Has your mother ever told you, your dad was coming so you anxiously waited by the window for hours, watching cars go by but none pulled into the driveway? Hours went by after the time he said he would arrive so you called his phone but you got no answer? When asked about your father, was your response, “I don’t have a father, my mother is my father”? Did his absence make you wonder about yourself or make you feel you were better without him? Even if you didn’t wonder aloud, little seeds of worthlessness and feelings that you were unlovable and unwanted may have lodged themselves deep deep deep in your brain. If this resonates with you, this book is for you! In this book I will share with you the steps to take to overcome father wounds, forgive your dad, uproot those lies your young mind once believed and I want to introduce you to the greatest father of all. Enclosed in this book, I will share with you how to become whole and healed through your father wounds. I will share how you can be freed from the strongholds of feeling neglected, unwanted, abandoned and rejected. I will share how you can receive restoration and take your life back once and for all. I will lead you through the steps on how to overcome that father wound, forgive your father and have a loving relationship with an amazing Daddy. As you read this book, you will receive healing of your heart, break free from being a prisoner of your past and restoration of your identity and purpose.

Tears of an Orphan Heart

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